Hurray - congratulations are in order, your item has found a new loving owner!

As following we will describe a bit what happens once the purchase process is successfully finalised.


  1. Confirmation letter – Once the buyer has finalized the checkout and payment is cleared, you will receive an email confirming the successful sales.
  2. Shipping information – In the confirmation letter received, you will find a shipping address where to send the package.
  3. Shipping time - Make sure you’ll ship the package in maximum 14 days. The faster you do it, the better - buyers are usually rather impatient :) If the seller does not ship the item within 14 days after receiving the sales notification, the buyer and have the right to cancel the purchase.
  4. Packaging - the same rule applies everywhere – pack the item as pretty as you would like to receive it! Sweet notes are definitely a welcome addition ;)
  5. Tracking code – make sure to keep the tracking code that you have to insert to the order on your Dashboard (read more below).


More tips for packing:

  • If the item sold is fragile, do pack it so that it won’t get damaged during delivery;
  • Make sure that all the additions (belts, accessories etc) that are described in the listing, are included in the package;
  • When selling garment items, make sure the item is clean! Check the stains or unwanted substances so that the appearance of the item is as stated in the listing.


For Estonian local transactions:

  • We suggest you use Omniva or SmartPost parcel machines. Don’t forget to print out and insert to the listing the tracking number, because according to our rules, all the packages must be tracked.
  • Go to your account dashboard and choose from the right-side block “Items I Have Sold”, click on “view order” and scroll down to add tracking information. After that click on the button “Ship” and you are all set.


For International transactions:

  • Send the package using the reliable service provider who is able to send the package with tracking number.
  • Go to your account dashboard and choose from the right-side block “Items I Have Sold”, click on “view order” and click on the upper-side button “Ship”. Add the tracking information and you are all set.


Last updated 8th November 2019