The best part is about to happen, getting paid for your sold item!



When do you transfer the money?


We make transfers twice a month – on 1st and 15th of the month.

So when you send us the request to withdraw your funds before 14th, we will make the payment on 15th.

If it’s after the 15th, the payment will be sent on the way on 1st day of the month.


Is there something I need to do to receive the money?


We transfer the money only at your request after the funds are made available at your dashboard. To send us a withdrawal request, go to your account dashboard and choose from the right-side block “Money Earned” and click on the application “Make a withdrawal”. will make payouts only, if the seller has added a tracking code to the order on seller dashboard.


To check your bank account details, go to your dashboard and choose from the right-side menu “Seller Shop Profile”, scroll down, add your bank account information and save payment. We may also ask a copy of your personal identification document before making a payment to your account. The seller name and the person holding the bank account must be the same.


What happens if the buyer wishes to return the item?


Unless the seller and buyer have an agreement regarding return prior the purchase, there is no right to return when making a purchase on does not own or stock the products sold on the site, the transactions take place between private individuals. In case of mismatch of product listing or doubt of authenticity we keep the right to step in as a third party and help to solve the issue. Read more about returns from HERE.


How big is the commission fee? fixed commission fee is 10% from the purchase price.



Last updated on 8th November 2019