We are so happy that you have found a designer item you are interested in and are planning to add this special piece to your wardrobe collection. There are some things you should get familiar with before buying an item @ elvogue.com.


In this blog we will write a little about:

1. What should I know before buying an item?


Before buying an item, make sure to read about shipping and returning policy from HERE. elvogue.com cannot guarantee the items authenticity and the option to return the item if it is not suitable. But don’t worry - we do check all the listings prior to uploading them and if necessary, ask the seller to add additional pictures or information. Also, make sure to ask all the relevant questions from the seller before buying the item. You can ask the questions on the product page under “comments”.


2. How can I pay for the item?


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and any other methods which are clearly brought out on our Site.


You can also choose to pay with PayPal. When selecting this option at checkout, you will be directed to the PayPal site to “Log In” and review the amount shown before clicking “Pay Now”.


3. How are the items authenticity guaranteed by elvogue.com?


elvogue.com cannot guarantee the authenticity of the item, because we do not see the item and cannot check it. We do check all the listings prior to uploading them and in case of any doubt and abnormalities, we definitely contact the seller for more validation of the authenticity. If the buyer has doubts about the authenticity of the item, the buyer can send the item at buyers own expense to elvogue.com to be checked. If elvogue.com confirms the authenticity, the item is sent back to the buyer at buyer's own expense and all the money will be transferred to the seller. If elvogue.com cannot confirm the authenticity of the item, the item will be sent back to the seller at sellers’ own expense and all the money will be refunded to the buyer.


In a case where the seller sells products that are not authentic, the buyer and elvogue.com have the right to give negative feedback that is available to see to all to the buyers and other sellers.


4. How can I negotiate the price?


Price negotiating is really simple. You can offer the seller a price with what you are willing to buy the item. Just find the suitable item and make an offer on the product page. The seller can accept, reject or make a counter offer with another price.


If the seller accepts the price you suggested, you will get a notification and you can buy the item with the offered price. Go to your account dashboard and choose from the right-side block “Offers I Have Made” and add the product to the cart. In the checkout the new price will be displayed.


If the seller rejects the price you suggested, you can make another price offer.


If the seller makes a counter offer, then the buyer can weather accept the offer, reject the offer or make another counteroffer.


Read more, how to make offers from HERE.


5. What is the return policy @ elvogue.com?


Since all the sellers @ elvogue.com marketplace are natural persons there is no obligatory return policy. We suggest asking from the seller before buying the item, if the seller accepts returns. You can ask the question in the product page under the “comments”.


If the seller has previously accepted the returns and the buyer wishes to return the item, please inform elvogue.com team about it within 7 days after the receival of the item, so elvogue.com will not transfer the money to the seller. elvogue.com team will transfer the money to the seller if the buyer confirms the receival of the product and confirms it is as listed in the description or if the buyer has received the product and has not contacted elvogue.com within 7 days after receiving the item about returning wishes.


6. How long does it take to receive the item?


The time that goes from purchasing an item and receiving the item is dependent on a variety of reasons.


First, it can take a bit time for the seller to post the item. If the item is not posted in a couple of days, we will remind the seller to post the item.


In European Union, the package should arrive within 1-5 working days after the seller has shipped it. All packages are trackable via service provider.


Outside the European Union, the arrival of the package may take some time, but all packages are required to be trackable via service provider and the buyer can check the journey of the item.





Last updated 1. April 2019