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How does the selling process take place @

First, in order to sell @, you need to register and create a seller account. You can do it HERE by adding relevant information on registration page or simply register with your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account.


After you are registered as a seller, go to your account dashboard and choose from the right-side block “Sell an item” and fill in all the required fields. Make sure to add all correct information and write a killer product description. Buyers love the details.


Upload the product pictures. Make sure to add good quality pictures. Buyers like to zoom in the pictures and get a close look of the product. Read more information about how to take quality pictures above in clause 5.


Set a suitable price. Read more information about how to price competitively in clause 6. Bear in mind that holds a 15% commission fee from the final selling price.


Add shipping cost for international and local shipping. Remember that all the packages must be sent with tracking number. This will give the additional security for the buyer to know, how far is the package. It is good for the seller as well, so the buyer cannot claim that the package was not sent or received.


After you have added all the relevant and required information, list the product. Once our curation team has approved the listing, all you have to do is to wait for a lucky buyer to buy the item or make you an appealing offer.


If the buyer buys the item with the price you listed, the buyer has finalized the checkout and payment is cleared, you will receive an email confirming the successful sales. In the mail you will find a shipping address for the package. You can find more information about shipping HERE.


If the buyer wishes to negotiate the price with the seller, the seller can reject, accept or suggest an alternative price. You can find more information about the price negotiation HERE.


The best part is about to happen, getting paid for your sold item! On your seller dashboard you can see the Remaining Amount, that you can withdraw. We make transfers at least twice a month, on the 1st and 15th day of the current month, but only if you have submitted a request for money withdrawal. If you wish to make a withdrawal request, go to your account dashboard and choose from the right-side block “Money Earned” and send us the request from there. Your payment date depends on the send-out of your item, how fast the buyer receives the package and if the item listed was an authentic item and as described in the listing. Once the buyer confirms the receipt and the product compliance with the description, we will transfer the money to the seller’s bank account. holds 15% from the selling price as commission fee. The rest will be payed to the seller.


If the item is not an authentic product or the product is not in compliance with the description, the buyer can choose to send the item to to assess the authenticity or compliance with the description. If the item is an original and as described in the listing, the item is sent back to the buyer and the money will be transferred to the seller. If the item is not an original or in compliance with the description, the item will be sent back to the seller and the money will be refunded to the buyer. You can read more about it HERE.


You can read more about getting payed from HERE.


How to find suitable products to sell @

Find out what kind of designer goods we sell and check out your closet and find the items you can sell @ If the designer is not mentioned in our selection (you can find the list in the product listing), but you think it should be, just contact us HERE and ask if we accept the designer.


If you find suitable designer items, check out in what kind of condition they are.


We distinguish four different conditions:

• BRAND NEW - items with original tags.

• LIKE NEW – no signs of wear. Worn only a couple of times.

• GENTLY WORN - the item has been worn several times. Signs of wear. No major flaws or defects.

• MUCH LOVED - much loved and worn item with clear signs of wear. No defects unless stated otherwise in product description.


Make sure to clean and polish the items before listing- it is more likely you sell the items that look good in the pictures.


Make sure that the items you wish to sell are an authentic designer item. does not sell the items that are not authentic.


Bear in mind, that if the buyer doubts the authenticity of the item seller sold or the item is not as described in the listing, they have the right to give the seller a negative feedback which is available for all the buyers to see. Negative feedback can significantly lower the interest of possible buyers.


It is an added value, if you find the check you got from the store when buying the item or an original box or any other item included when the item was originally bought. All these little things can help you guarantee the authenticity of the item and make the item more desirable for the buyer.


How to create a listing?

Creating a listing @ is really easy. After you are registered as seller, just log in to your account and on the right-side block choose “Sell an item”. Fill in all the required information, write a killer product description, add the pictures, set a price and you are almost set.


After you’ve completed the previous step, your listing application has reached us. We will check the data, photos and the price and if there is something missing, we’ll send you a request for data update. If all is good and ready to go, we’ll send the listing online for the buyers to browse.


Sometimes we suggest you take better pictures if the pictures do not convey the true awesomeness of the product. Or if we see that on the product there is a little detail that would make your item more desirable to the buyers if you have a clear picture of it.


And sometimes we suggest you lower the price if similar (or same) items are with much lower prices @ We like to be realistic about second hand retail. At times, sellers are so in love with their items that have served them well previously, that they overvalue the items. We are keen on finding the items new loving homes and this cannot happen, if used items are at the same price level as brand-new items in the store. Therefore, we sometimes suggest the price level that similar items have been previously bought.


How to write a product description?

Writing a product description is really easy. It does not have to be long and no one expects it to be in haiku :). Just write down everything you think is important and would interest a buyer. If the item has some defects or visible signs of wear, don’t forget to write them down.


How to take quality photos?

The best photos always come in daylight or using bright laps. You have acquired an excellency in photography if you can take a picture without any major shadows.


When you choose a background, make sure it's light and un-patterned so it's easy for the buyer to focus on the product. If the item you sell is white, we suggest you use a little darker background, so the items is separated from the background and the buyer can see the true beauty of the item.


If the items have details to highlight, make sure to capture them as well. As they say so lovingly - details, details, details.


If there are some defects or sign of use, makes sure to take a picture of them as well, so the buyer is well aware of the condition the item is in. Buyers are always happy to receive the items that are in the condition as expected.


Make sure to take at least 3 pictures from different angles to show most of the item- this will ensure that the buyers are interested in your listing.


And the last, but not the least important tip- make the pictures with as good quality as possible. Buyers often wish to zoom in the picture to take a better look of the item.


How to price competitively?

When you choose the perfect price for your item, be sure to bear in mind a couple of good tips.


Balance is a force in the world, also when selling @ Check out similar items @ and see in what kind of price range they are. You have more luck selling an item that has a competitive price.


In good condition original boxes or bags, authenticity cards and purchase checks also add significant value to your item.


Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes, make sure to check out our other blog posts to get familiar with all aspects of buying and selling process @ Oh, and once you’ve created a listing, make sure to share it with the rest of the world via social media! Never know where the buyer is waiting for the information to be revealed :)


you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us and we will answer you shortly.


Last updated 24th April 2019

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